To cancel save

I have commands to start edit and stop edit.

After the start edit is clicked, the model is modified.

If the user clicks the save button, I would like to cancel the save as it is in the middle of edit mode.

how do I cancel the save?
or is there any other way to avoid the saving of the file which is at an unacceptable state?

Is your question about modifying a script? If so, you should change the topic to Scripting so more scripters and developers see it. Also post any relevant portions of your script.

No. it has nothing to do with scripting…

it is general programming…

step1: start edit command
step2: edit model
step3: save -> this needs to be checked because it is invalid to save with the modified model as the stop edit command has not been clicked. so a warning needs to be given and the save cancelled.

the question is how do i interfere with the save to cancel it. Hope i am clear.

Valid steps=>
step1: start edit
step2: edit model
step3: stop edit
step4: save

@dale any ideas?

Hi @HepChan

This is not possible.

– Dale

I think this would be a good feature to add.

It would be really helpful.