Closing Rhino when edit script is open needs a "cancel" button

When we close Rhino with the python script editor open, and has unsaved scripts, Rhino prompts us with a " do you want to Save or Don’t save?" but it lacks a “Cancel” option.

Please add.

Just click the “x” close box… But that’s the same as “don’t save” as far as I know. What should Cancel do? Re-open Rhino?


That’s pretty tough to do. Rhino is already on it’s way out at that point in time and we would need to add a significant amount of code to allow plug-ins to block Rhino from closing (which I’m not entirely sure would be a good thing.)

I wasn’t suggesting that be done, I was just trying to find out what Jørgen expects to happen with a Cancel button…


It seems odd that it should be difficult to figure out, because after this Rhino checks if the rhino file has changed, and if so it askes if we want to save, ignore or CANCEL.

Clicking on the X does the trick but it is not very intuitive to the user, and we have to reopen the editor.
A cancel button is more in Rhino’s gui style.

And I expect it to ignore the closing, thus leave the python editor open so I can look at the files that are open.

The main reason this pops up as an issue every now and then is that I often run multiple instances of Rhino and sometimes when I close them at the end of the day I get the question if I want to save any of the scripts I have worked on. Sometimes I need that.

It does? Not here… unless we’re talking at cross purposes here, you said you have already closed Rhino (at least the instance you’re working with that has the script editor running) so Rhino has already asked you if you want to save changes to your Rhino file and you have answered one way or another… So the script editor just asks if you want to save changed scripts… pretty much the only thing you can do at this point because Rhino has effectively closed the file you’re working in and is ready to complete its own closing.


You are absolutely right. I must have closed multiple Rhino’s today and mixed them up. Thanks for clearing that up Mitch.
I see how this won’t be a quick fix. Too bad.

Note to self: Double check prior to posting… again.

THAT actually happens to me frequently… The one problem with having multiple Rhinos open - especially if you have more than one monitor - is that you can’t tell which instance “owns” the running script editor (assuming you only have one open). So I inevitably end up closing the one that has a script that I’m developing… At that point there’s no going back, the only thing you can do is save it and then re-open later.