Ticket not available for clickable 3d objects tutorial model


in Tutorial: User interface with clickable 3d objects you’re writing

This model can be freely embedded anywhere for testing. Simply use the ticket on the model page.

but when I log into https://app.shapediver.com/ and try to access the ticket it’s telling me

Embedding options are only visible to model owner.

Would be nice to have access to the ticket as stated in the tutorial.
The Grasshopper definition would be a great addition to the tutorial, too.


The ticket is included in the embedded JSFiddle code at the bottom of the tutorial page. You can copy it from there but I agree the instructions are a bit confusing and I will update them.

Ok, thanks!

Here is the Grasshopper definition. The example will be cleaned up and included in the documentation soon.
shapediver-api-demo-selectable-elements.gh (36.4 KB)

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Great, thanks!