This is the work of Laurent Delrieu and I want to learn to make something like this

image image

I have no experience with coding. I recently started using Rhino and grasshopper and I love it. Still figuring out the basics. Can anyone please tell me what languages do I need to learn to make something like this?

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This is based on mesh clustering. @laurent_delrieu have already provided enough information here in new forum and in old too about this. If I’m not wrong, he used C# coding and grasshopper for these. You can’t request him for the plugin or code as he already mentioned its for his personal use not for public sharing. But he is also an active member here in this forum he can provide you more insights about this more than me on this for sure if he look at this thread.

Since you recently started learning Rhino n GH first figure out all basics and move to the next level. Starting directly at this is not a good idea/move. Definitely I’m not demotivating you just a free advice. Good-luck.


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there are many techniques for the puzzle here

  1. Agate generation : It is a simple offset of curve then coloring. You’ll need to use Clipper in a code to generate the dots. You can code in Delphi or C# inside Grasshopper. See documentation here
    Nervous is using also Clipper.

For the clustering there are many techniques. See Nervous and link provided by @ajarindia

For the smoothing of the pieces it is also explained on links provided.

Take time, it is quite long to implement all techniques.

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Thanks. :smile:

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Thank you. :smile:

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