Third Edition of the Grasshopper Primer | Foundations Released

We are very excited to be releasing the Third Edition of the Grasshopper Primer!

This primer, titled Foundations, introduces you to the fundamental concepts and essential skill-building workflows to effectively use Grasshopper. Foundations is the first volume in a forthcoming collection of Grasshopper primers. This first volume tracks through an introduction to the Grasshopper user interface, the anatomy of a Grasshopper definition, and three chapters dealing with parametric concepts and case study examples. An appendix closes out this volume, providing you with resources for continued exploration.

We hope that at the very least this primer will inspire you to begin exploring the many opportunities of programming with Grasshopper. We wish you the best of luck as you embark on this journey.


Hi. Thanks for this @gilakos . I got the email link for download from the website, but each time I try to download the ZIP file it gets to about 11meg and stops the download. I’ve tried 2 x different browsers and different download tools and they all stop at about 11meg of the 22.5meg total size. DownThemAll shows it as a size mismatch. Could you please check the file on the server? Michael VS

Download worked OK over here… --Mitch

Hi Gil

Thank you for the Primer.

Just to let you know that I submitted a request this morning and received no notification.
I re-submitted and it informed me that the email address had previously been used.
I submitted with a secondary email address and received notification almost immediately,

Kind regards,

download worked fine here

Same here; no notification to the first address (not in spam folder either), and immediate notification to a second address.

Got my download to work in new version of IE.
Downloads using Firefox failed 10x in a row.

Thanks Guys to sharing this,
The document it’s just perfect, simple and graphically good looking.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

There is a BRAND NEW grasshopper course at It’s called ‘Up and Running with Grasshopper’ and was authored by Chris Reilly (who is not me, by the way!) This is the first formal video course on Grasshopper that I am aware of and its excellent. Check it out, eh?

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Same issue here. The download stops randomly between 7 and 12 MB. More than 20 attempts. I use chrome but I am not sure if it is a browser problem.
30 mins. later: I have tried Chrome, Opera and IE - all failed yet IE went as far as 90%.

Hi All,
Thank you for the feedback on the Primer. To alleviate some of the download issues we’ve updated our system and included a web version at the below link:

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