Thea Glass

Anyone rendering with Thea? I was wondering why Thea has two kinds of glass. One is almost invisible, “thin glass”, and it’s just like a thin film on a surface, while the other - “clear glass”, looks like real glass but casts a shadow like it wouldn’t be transparent. I find it difficult to imitate “real” glass, I found a workaround on their website regarding this behaviour, but it only works in Thea Studio, not within Rhino afaik. Anyone has suggestions?

Hi Paul!
Thin Glass material is mostly used for thin surfaces like windows and thin transparent plastics. Thick Glass on the other hand can be used to create glass materials taking refraction into account.
You will find more settings for both presets, if you switch to the Advanced Material Lab.


As ggliatis pointed out - thin glass is useful for windows and display cases where I want to see reflections. Thick glass is better for situations such as a thick glass or plexi shelf that needs to be transparent but should have significant refraction.