The unspittable surface

Well, it’s about three moons, and I’ve stuck with your advice for the most part. My line work improved markedly when I realized I should turn off the smart-tracking. I’m getting satisfactory results with several methods now and the sweep sometimes is easier to execute than others. Blending surfaces for complex transitions gives nice results but I limit that to where it’s needed.

This is tangential, but as you can see from the images, I’ve a tiny naked edge in the model, and while I’ve extracted and remaded and joined surfaces, I cannot eliminate that little fault. Is there some efficent method to deal with such a tiny problem? (531.6 KB)

Use ExtractBadSrf command, you will see you have some bad surfaces , you just need to reconstruct this.

Cleaned version :

ZebraDot.3dm (2.0 MB)

Thanks! I learned another important command.

I also like the createsolid you shared as well.

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