The short answer is "you can't"

Continuing the discussion from Newbie property sizing enquiry:- simple box dimensions:

Does this mean that if I have a set of templates -built in Rhino- of various cabinets (as in kitchens for example) that when I bring them in to say-their own layer as I create cutllsts and route to G-Code then, I model the room with those cabinets, that I need to resize each one as need be through a scaling process?? Is there a plug in that would do this effectively and efficiently?


Could Rhinoworks pull this off? Constrain thickness for example, then stretch?, I don’t have it. but I’m curious.

for cabinets or anything that potentially has a lot of joinery or things which need to stay the same size (amongst other reasons), try this…

use Sub-object selection (press and hold Ctrl+Shift to select) and do a window select.

then use the _Move command (or gumball or drag etc)

you’ll either move to layout lines or do something like: move 6" since you need 30 and the original is 2’

that said, the cabinets could potentially be drawn via python script… you’d enter things like height/width or whatever or click points where it goes and it would draw to proper size…

as the complexity or detail of the cabinets goes up, the complexity of the script will increase.

(add) sort of off topic but if you draw cabinets / joinery… you might like sub-object selection for other things


Many thanks for the response; I’ll make an effort to try.

Again, thanks.