Writing a Rhino Script / Modelling help


I work as a kitchen designer and create a lot of kitchen cabinets in Rhino.

we often use the same design of unit in different measurements so I have been using Solidpt to stretch the unit to the correct dimension without malforming it.

The problem comes with the intricate sweep detail which don’t transform very well.

I’m looking into grasshopper as a way of adding intricate sweep details at the end once the right size has been determined.

Please could someone advise me if this would be the best way?

Additionally, I’m looking into learning RhinoScript as a way to quickly model each cabinet as it can get fairly repetitive and I hope a script would save considerable time.

Would really appreciate anyone’s thought or opinions!

All the best.

I have some ideas, little busy today but would like to work with you on this a bit. I have some friends in the business and want to give them quick documentation and renderings solution all in one.

Could You give us an example of intricate sweep details? Using scripting for cabinets wont help much. Having cabinets ready to use and resizing them when needed is much faster in my opinion. You can spend a lot of time codding for different constructions, making complex GUIs for all the options and in the end You will always find something missing that could be done manually in no time.

this sounds like a job for grasshopper with some additional scripting components as you rightly described, however without any proper example of where you are stuck or have problems, it’s hard to be really helpful.

Parametric Blocks would solve all your problems. But don’t expect something in the future, Rhino can’t even manage a library of blocks how it should

I recommend python as a modern alternative to RhinoScript.