The old symbol plugin icon is not shown

In c# Visualstudio I want to make this component for the old version in the plugin I use this method=

public version GH_Exposure Exposure => GH_Exposure.hidden;

-But The old symbol plugin icon is not shown
any suggestion or solution?
i want to add old symbol like this image in my old Component in plugin!

i found solution:

Name the class with _OBSOLETE

So something like

public class Component_ConstructPoint : GH_Component

would become

public class Component_ConstructPoint_OBSOLETE : GH_Component

That will make it have the “old” tag written over the component icon

Then set its exposure to hidden so it only comes up when searching with #
You can find all GH old components by searching with # so for instance in this case you can search #ConstructPoint to still get access to it in gh.

For that you do:

public override GH_Exposure Exposure
return GH_Exposure.hidden;