How to hide component from Component Tabs?


I am working on a grasshopper plugin. I want to some components not showing in Tabs, but can be access by typing component’s name on canvas.
Is it possible?

GH_Component.Exposure property determines how the component is seen in a menu, using the GH_Exposure enum flags.

No idea if the “hidden” option hides things from the text search or not, I’ll leave you to try that out.

Link to docs:

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        public override GH_Exposure Exposure 
                return GH_Exposure.hidden;

I added this code at end of component class. But don’t see any changes appears.

I restart rhino, it works! Thank you.
But typing name on canvas also disappear. How can i access the hidden component?

For the case it is still interesting someone:
Tipp # before the component name in the canvas search and you will see the hidden components too.