The old mesh editing toolbars in V7 WIP still have generic icons

Hi Rhino UX team,

I know in the past 2 release of Rhino the mesh editing tools didn’t have discrete icons for each tool. I just noticed that in the V7 WIP we sill have these placeholder icons for all these different commands for mesh collapsing and extraction.


Maybe is time to make these icons unique for each type of tool? Unless these tools will get replaced by the new mesh-building for SubD tools?



I think @pascal, @nathanletwory, and @marika_almgren are working on this. They can tell you more.

Thanks for the reminder.

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I just logged a case for it:

Yeah… tough task making these differentiable - text icons would really be handy here but these don’t really work all that well with toolbars as they are now - docking and alignment wise, not to mention localization.