The new script component in Rhino8 cannot suggest

***hi new script component in Rhino8 in this case cannot offer the same quality as Rhino7:In the next command suggestion

   A = Component.Params.Input[1].VolatileDataCount != 0;

in Rhino 7:

in Rhino 8 Beta:

Uh thanks for reporting this. I filed it here and will get it fixed

RH-77879 C# can not autocomplete ScriptInstance properties and their members


Hi @eirannejad
don’t fix this bug yet?
Component…Api . is very useful in c#
I hope fix it immediately

RH-77879 → this report is open to the public and you can check the status at any time.

thanks i hope fix this option to script editor immediately ( beacuse Auto Complate it very useful and find api in RhinoApi for each code is very difficult)

this. Component.x....... command(...)