Problems with GH script components in WIP

Trying in Rhino WIP.

I have a problem opening C# components from the existing R7 Grasshopper definition in Rhino WIP. I get the following error message from the C# component:

Another problem is that when I open the C# editor (in the WIP) I kind of freezes and the editor area is blank. If I shift Windows focus away from Rhino and then back again, then the C# editor awakes and shows the code. But illustrated above, some reference is broken and it won’t compile.

I hadn’t used any external references in the R7 definition (except for System.Linq;

Any hints?


@curtisw or @eirannejad are you aware of this issue?

I also see this message in the right Rhino panel when the editor froze (on opening it):

Addendum: It seems the same editor-problem exist even if I make a new GH definition in R8 and a new component. The C#-editor freezes, and releases after shifting app-focus back and fourth.


Hey @RIL, thanks for submitting the issue. Some code there changed recently so it probably messed things up a little. I’ve logged this as RH-70150 to take care of that. Could you send a GH definition that fails for you so we can verify the fix?


Yup, here it is.

R8 Naked Edge Loop (601.2 KB)

Addendum 1:
This is what I see when I open the file (three C# components goes bananas, even dead simple ones):

Addendum 2:
Also, when I open R8, with no model, the following message pops up:

Addendum 3: Win10, Rhino version:

== UI HANGS ==


The UI still hangs when opening an existing (R7) C# component in Grasshopper. Blank editor, and Rhino/Windows no longer receives (or responds to) mouse clicks. ALT + TAB works, although the UI remains unresponsive for quite some time (1-2 minutes or so)

Also If I open a fresh new C# gh component editor, Rhino/Windows is zombified. Is it due to Halloween? Anyway, only after switching focus in Windows (ALT+TAB and after waiting for a while) the UI and the C# editor regains responsivity.

Feels like some invisible modal dialog steals the focus and locks the UI. Or perhaps it’s simply the C# Editor Form which has a problem with its Modal settings. Jiggling with the ALT+TAB and waiting for quite long, only then the Editor comes alive.

Summary: Rh8 remains entirely unusable for me.

I downloaded the WIP (8.0.22291.12305, 2022-10-18) Commercial today.

Edit 1:


Once the editor gets responsive, the editor text cannot be resized (as in R7). This is crucial for me since the condition of my eyes vary from day to day. I think the default font size is now only 8(?), way too small every day of the week.

Edit 2:


Also the C# editor’s IntelliSense doesn’t respect the current object after the dot. No relevant members are listed after the dot, and not even after typing the first letter.

Example: If I type mesh.V... I would expect the mesh.Vertices member to show up, but not so. Instead I only get this (three seemingly nonsensical options):


Edit 3:


Any change to the editor text (code) seems to trigger automagic compilation or something, because it is very slow and lagging to type text.