The "Merge Faces" command

Please tell me how to create 4 “clean” surfaces from one Brep, which is a broken geometry, in grasshopper. The “Merge Faces” command does not work well for surfaces that have holes.
Finishing AC-to-Grass.3dm (282.1 KB)
thank you

Hi Kyrylo
Have you tried MergeCoplanarFace?

thanks for the answer! I am interested in how to do it in grasshopper

Curious how you ended up with such wacky walls?

Used this: (22.5 KB)

Not sure how much of this is necessary, just playing games. Geometry internalized: (39.5 KB)


Hi Kyrylo

Sorry, I see. If you call the method from a script component you can specify tolerances.

merge (16.5 KB)

a = x
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This works for your case: (25.1 KB)

Trick learnt from @inno :wink:


these are walls that are imported from archicade through live condition. Looking forward to your help, I will study your script

Thanks for your help, I will study your script

thanks for the help

Your solution looks like this to me

@Johan_Lund_Pedersen’s GH requires R8.


Hi @Joseph_Oster and @sambrari95

Sorry. Does this work for Rhino 7?

merge (19.4 KB)

Yes and no. Face planes remain messed up.


Hi @Joseph_Oster

Ok, apparently script is not backward compatible.
Does Align plane solve the issue?

merge (19.4 KB)

Don’t have R7? Does it work in R8?

I do get this error in Rhino7:

Runtime error (MissingMemberException): 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'MergeCoplanarFaces'

  line 1, in script

Hi @Cumberland and @Joseph_Oster

It sounds like you haven’t set the type to brep on the script component.