The file writing plug-in failed


I am trying to export to glb in Rhino. When I select MaterialSource=Material, I get the error: “Failed to save as …glb. The file writing plug-in failed”. It exports correctly when MaterialSource=DisplayColor.

Any thoughts?

Could you let me know which version of the ShapeDiver plugin you are using, as well as which version of Rhino you are using? The header of this error message says MatrixGold, which is confusing to me.

I am using Rhino 7 and ShapeDiver 1.9.1. MatrixGold is our jewellery plugin for Rhino 7. I tried to export the same file to glb in vanilla Rhino 7 and got the same message.

Could you attach an example of a 3dm file containing objects you are trying to export to glb but give you the above error message?

114101.3dm (5.8 MB)

I could reproduce an issue when trying to export with materials and our team is investigating it. Thank you for the bug report.

@cad4 We have just released a new version of the plugin that solves the issues you reported. It is called 1.9.2-beta.1 for now as we finalize testing but will soon be the official 1.9.2 version. You can already install it through the package manager (in Rhino 7, check the “Include pre-releases” box). Let me know if that solves your issues.