The display conduit and new projection types

I have been experimenting with a number of methods for producing vector drawings with different projection types, notably a military projection (with an undistorted floor plan, common in architecture drawings). I have played with manual distortions, methods through grasshopper or Menno’s AxonOblique for example, yet all of them fail to provide a simple way to produce 2D vector projections from 3D geometry.

Is it were possible to create new projection types within the display conduit from a C# (cross platform) plugin?

I have looked through some of the documentation, but admit I’m out of my depth. While I understand there are limitations with RhinoCommon, it does seem a lot more accessible for those new to plugin development than C++.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Benjamin,

Any information you can provide on this project would be helpful.

You should be able produce any printed, skewed drawing you need by creating layouts and setting the details to whatever projected view you want.

If you need real skewed vectors, something like what Make2D might product, for exporting to some other application, then you may need to use the Rhino WIP, which has Make2D support in RhinoCommon.

But again, more details would be helpful.

– Dale