The Bake Feature Won't Work on the Grasshopper for Rhino 6 WIP Mac version

I am attempting to bake a grasshopper script into a Rhino file on the Rhino 6 for Mac WIP (work in progress) version, however, it is refusing to work and nothing happens at all.

Do you happen to have a Rhino command running? Bake won’t work if a Rhino command is initiated.

what do you mean by if a Rhino command is running?

the only rhino components I have are two curves that I set to grasshopper.

Not common, command. Meaning if you have a command running in Rhino. Like say you typed move in Rhino and hit enter, Grasshopper won’t bake until you finish or exit that command in Rhino.

yes sorry I know its ‘Command’ that was just a typo. But I also have no commands running on rhino and its still not working.