Bake from Grasshopper doesn't do anything WIP6

When I click bake, I don’t get a popup or prompt of where to bake to. MacBook Pro 13" w Touch Bar, Mac OS Mojave Beta 10.

Hi Dan - yep thanks, I see that.


Right-click and selecting bake seems to have no effect. But if you select the component in grasshopper, bring up the menu by pressing the space bar, then click the bake icon - it does bake to the currently active layer.


Hi. I installed the latest RhinoWIP for Mac provided into the above link and now it is working.

One thing that it is still not working is the Baking system in Grasshopper. Basically it is not possible to bake any kind of nodes. I just press Bake and nothing happens.

Also the cross cursor that it is supposed to be only into the 3D viewport is also active when I move the cursor into menus. Quiet annoying.

Hi @Macuso-

This is a known bug. See above.

FYI: Bake should work again in the latest RhinoWIP.