Thanks for rhino mac! & some suggestions/questions

hi there

first and foremost I’d like to thank the rhino mac developers for their great work! I love the works that’s been done so far and use rhino quite a lot, either at home in conjunction with my ultimaker and also at times at work for architecture & visualization.

we use vectorworks at our studio and I have to tell you, I’m so fed up with that software. I mean I like to work with it for what it is, but at the same time there are so many old parts in it and so many bad design decision which really make me angry, and I wish it would be like rhino… which brings me to the question: are there any architects that work just with rhino?

the only thing that makes rhino not great for architecture is the missing layer/classes distinction. are there any plans in that direction?

also I know printing is a lot better in the pc version and I hope the mac version will get that kind of functionality as well.

any thoughs/comments?

By this, do you mean the ability to select various layers into differing groups? If so, others have wished for this important function (which sub layers does not satisfy). Not sure of McNeel’s plans, but am also crossing fingers.

As for your first question, I know many architects heavily using Rhino. Exclusively? Not sure.


I have already requested (for windows version) in this forum to be able to read Layers from Excell files(like traditional CAD packages AutoCad, Microstation). This should allow the ability to filter leyers(by named groups e.g architecture, structure, etc.) as well. This is must have for architectural drafting/Modeling as we deal with many layers/elements and having the sub layer option is not enough.
this will be very warmly welcomed.

thank you

Just to clarify what I mean by classes and layers. Normally, when I draw architectural plans I use layers as individual floors. E.g. a layer for the basement, a layer for the ground floor etc. Then I use classes to specify elements within these floors. for example I have a class for concrete, a class for windows, etc. In a way these are both layers that can be shown or hidden independent of each other. Right now, as there are only layers and sublayers in rhino I couldn’t work with the same efficiency.

obviously I could create a layer for each floor and then create sublayers for the different elements. the problem is then though that I’d have in each layer a sublayer of concrete. which I’d have to hide all individually instead of just once if it were a class.

I hope that helps as an explanation. really, missing this is the only thing making me not to draw my plans straight in rhino…

Maybe I misunderstood (and in case I apologize for that) but I think this kind of result can be achieved by assigning a specific color for each class of material.