Thank you McNeel for this top-quality forum

Fellow forumites & McNeel staff -

I just want to give a big thank you and applaud the McNeel Rhino team - and all forum users - for the greatness of this very Rhino forum!

Every day, I use and read a host of 3D software forums. Over the years, this Rhino forum has remained the most open, transparent, knowledgeable and fun of all. Discourse is an ideal platform choice. The McNeel staff are friendly and forthcoming even in the face of critique and rants. You diligently answer us oddjobs, crackpots, newbies and seasoned veterans alike.

Few other, if any, 3D modelling software companies are as open with the core product development. Your dedication and openness keeps building an upright company ethos and greatly benefits us Rhino users.

With Rhino 6 approaching release, I want to thank you all for making it happen.


Hear, hear

I fully agree, I’ve been hanging around here since 2001, back than discussion took place on a newsgroup (NNTP) platform. The switch to Discourse has proven a very good step in reaching more users.
Over the years RMA kept a steady course, listening to users, trying to work with us to create the best software for us. Being transparent about their goals, motives and unavoidable shortcomings.

Thanks RMA!

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Yeah! I fully agree with you both. This forum is the most informative and friendly forum I’ve ever visited, and RMA’s support is really top-notch.

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Hi Matheron, all - at the risk, or certainty, of sounding trite, it’s none the less true that we couldn’t do it without you, as they say. If this forum is a success it’s due to the forumites (thank you for that word, new to me), we are merely enablers… So, thanks back.



It’s come a long way from the late 90s where it was just a list in an email client.


An essential part of the whole Rhino experience.

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Best Team in CAD Universe…


I agree

I use no other. :sunglasses::sunglasses: