Texturing multiple overlapping surfaces or using decals help

hi guys,

I am wondering if anyone can help, i am making the front panel for a synth/drum machine, and have made a number of surfaces that overlap each other as i want them to contain different materials, so when i render in keyshot each will have a different material property. I am unsure the best way to do this, atm i have multiple overlapping surfaces and am using different materials on these, but when they overlap it produces a horrid effect and they cannot be distinguished from each other and it looks messy both in rhino and keyshot, i am unsure if this is good practise.

The other thing i tried was to subtract the other surfaces from the main panel but this takes a long time and produces a higher file size etc.

Anyone any ideas what is the best approach, i have things like the volume knob markings, should i use decals and texture jpgs for these? i also have to write symbols on for things like level/kick/snare etc and am unsure of the best way for this, have taken pics and have png files but not sure to use decal or texture on a surface etc?

any help apprecated

forum q.3dm (853.6 KB)

Don’t create overlapping surfaces that are exactly in the same plane. Select your geometry with holes and translate on the z-axis by the tiniest amount, 0.0001 might already work, maybe even 0.00001.

Another option is to create you parts in such a way that you don’t get overlapping surfaces in the same plane.

Offset surfaces by small amounts may be okay for many purposes, but it can cause problems if the model will be modified or added to in the future. Trimming the overlapping surfaces so that only one remains will avoid future problems…

Yes, hence second part of my response :slight_smile:

thanks for the responses guys i have used ‘trim’ to cut around the main panel surface so there is no overlap, my only worry is i will have a messy hi poly file. I am sure there is a way to use masks or similar when texturing the item or using multi materials in other 3d applications to apply materials to certain parts seperately but i just dont know enough about materials.

thanks kindly

Hi kr - it looks to me like you can do this all with decals - does Keyshot not have those, I cannot remember- if so you may need to apply them there.
forum q_PG.3dm (128.1 KB)


hi pascal,

thx for the response, i see how you have placed decals in your file and it looks great but im thinking decals will over ride the actual material propertys, like glossiness, reflectivity etc that will make it look more realistic. I have used trim for now and will experiment also with decals (keyshot does take decals i have applied these before )

thanks kindly

Hi kr - right, I imagine that is correct, about the finish etc, but you might be able to split the difference by making a bitmap with alpha that has all of the graphics - the white lines and text, but transparent otherwise and put that on a single split out face that has the the darker gray background material there where all the buttons are. Use the decal for the marks only, if you see what I mean.