Texture mapping help

Hi guys,
I am in serious need of help with vray texture mapping. I have never run into this problem before.
So I am trying to apply image texture to specific faces of a structure I’m working. The aim is to get them to be graphics in the space. I’ve applied one image to one surface as a test and it works fine. However when I apply it to another area’s surface, the image doesn’t show up, all i get is this grainy/staticy color that has no indication that it is a graphic. I’ve been working at it for hours now, and I can’t find a solution. If you have any ideas it would help me out a lot. I’ve attached images so you can see what I am talking about

The first thing I’d do is check that the target surfaces have the correct mapping applied. I’ve inadvertently applied a graphic at 90° to the surface and you can get some odd effects, although I’m not sure it looks quite like your static example.

The next thing I’d check is the file format and colour space of your image. I can’t remember the exact details but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t get a CMYK image to load - as soon as I converted it to RGB everything was fine.

Finally I’d check that you don’t’ have any bad objects in the file. Unlikely but it can happen.

Good luck getting it sorted.