Text with Frame

Hi all,

I need help for creating a rectangle (RED) around text (PART 01) and trim the remaining part of the line (BLUE) inside this rectangle using python… The sketch is attached…

Thank you in advance…

Can you trim the line natively in Rhino using rs.command? Trim | Rhino 3-D modeling

Otherwise, assuming the line is transparent, it’s possible obtain a reference to the rectangle’s material, and set the material’s transparency to 0 to make it opaque.


I’m not sure how changing material properties should be done, but in case anything else is sharing that material and to avoid unwanted side effects, I would first copy the rectangle’s material, and make the rectangle refer to this new copy so changes to it won’t break anything else.



Why not just create the line from the point to the midpoint of the frame rectangle lower side? Otherwise it should be relatively simple to split the line, then delete the segment on the inside - you know one of its endpoints is the rectangle center, so it’s easy to determine whic of the two segments it is.

Thank you… However, that annotation has been created automatically by selecting the object using a code-script. So, i am willing to improve that code for my above request.