Text in a rectangle

I am placing some text lines in my layout in between my drawings, and i am used to use the command ‘MText’ in Autocad. Is there a way in rhino to write the text in a rectangle I chose? Now my text is one very long line instead of 10 lines in a rectangle…Someone know a command for that? Or is the best options making “enters” where the line needs to end? Thanks!
(I have made my text in word also an got a pdf from it, but I cannot import the pdf to put it as background in my layout…)

when you select a Text you can see that it has an rectangular outline (the dotted one) which is definde by two Points. If you then move the Point on the right (just like in autocad) the rectangle and also the Text with linebrakes changes accordingly. if you want to fit in a defined rectangle you can snap to the edges.

Edit: Only in Rhino 6 as it seems sorry

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Are you using the Windows or Mac version? I don’t believe this feature has been implemented for Rhino for Mac V5 (version 5.4.2, 5E411).

Damn I’m sorry just took a look in RHino 5 and you are right its not working.

yes on mac…i found a solution true photoshop to get to my goal :stuck_out_tongue:

shift enter should soft return your text, and using the picture command with your pdf converted to a jpeg should allow you to import images. you can draw a rectangle then place your text inside the rectangle manually using soft returns to stack your text as you prefer-