Text tool causes delay/spinning beach ball

Using the latest build (Version 6 WIP (6.15.19064.12046, 2019-03-05)) and the TEXT tool for dimensioning causes with each step/operation a spinning beach ball and a time delay.
This is a german localization.
Thanks for fixing.

Hi - I’m not seeing that in a simple test here. Could you be more specific about the necessary steps to make this happen. Perhaps post a simple 3dm file that shows this behavior?

Also, please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and post the result here.

Dear Wim,

with a small file (small number of dimensions) everything is OK over here too. I just made a new test file and can confirm your observations.

But with my particular file, every time I try to change or add a dimension, the beach ball appears. I will attach a screenshot of the whole shebang and the requested SystemInfo.

Please keep in mind, that the contents of the screenshot is non-disclosure!

Thank you for your help!


Bernd :o)

SystemInfo.BB.txt (2.65 KB)

Hi Bernd

Thanks for the SystemInfo. I don’t see any red-flags there that would explain this. I would be interested to hear if you still experience this beachballing after you update to Mojave (I see you are still on 10.13.6).

I presume you’ve switched Rhino to English and that did nothing to improve things? Given that I don’t experience what you are reporting when I switch Rhino to German, I doubt this is the case.

Hi Dan,

I am sorry for the delayed answer, but now I found some time to check.

The beachball delays only appears when I try to edit a „Leader”-dimension. A regular dimension (horizontal, vertical, angle diameter and so forth) does not cause a spinning beachball „time-out”.

Switching to English UI has no effect at all with this issue.

With a new project and adding a Leader-dimension, the issue appear instantly. I will attach a sample file to this mail.

Thank you very much for your help!



Tischbein_schwenkbar.3dm.zip (27.2 KB)

Thanks for the file @cbsartworks. I wasn’t able to reproduce exactly what you are describing, but something quite similar. Take a look: RH-51463. Where does my description differ from yours? It sounds like you get a beachball as soon as you start the command, but I could be confused.

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your answer. When looking at the RH-51463 I can nearly second your observations:

I am using RhinoWIP (6.15.19071.17016, 2019-03-12).

When performing step 3., I get the beach ball and a delay on keyboard/mouse action. To exit the edit mode of the leader, I have to press „esc” twice and the spinning beach ball delays each keyboard entry.

No crash over here, luckily.

Only the annoying beach ball issue, which bogs down a smooth work flow.



Thanks for the details. This seems like two different symptoms of the same underlying problem.

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I updated to the recent WIP release (Version 6 WIP (6.15.19078.12066, 2019-03-19)) on my iMac running Mac OSX 10.13 and the issue with the Leader text element persists. :cry:

Hi - you can follow any progress on issues on our YouTrack site - for this particular issue check RH-51463. As long as an issue is not fixed, tested, and documented, the issue will remain open…

If all goes well, you will be notified in this thread when the issue is closed.