Text insertion and scripting bug

Check this thread for issue:

Hi Bill - can you recap? I’m not sure what in that thread you are referring to.



Hi pascal,
The script was to convert text to dot and place the dot at the insertion point of the text. One of the earlier scripts worked correctly in Rhino 5, but not in the Rhino 6 WIP. The dots were not located at the text insertion point in the WIP.

I posted this comment soon after that script was posted; “In the WIP the dots are not created at the insertion point. They are bang on in Rhino 5.”


Hi Bill - see if this is a reasonable test-

  • I made two points.
  • I added text snapping to each point - one justified left, and one center.
  • Running the script on each puts the dot on the point.
    Is that what you expect?