Text in Block is bigger when inserted

I am creating some blocks with Text letters inside them. The text is 38mm tall and the whole block geometry is 40mm tall. The file is set to millimeters.

Now I go and insert the file into another one as a block. It is also set to millimeters. When it is placed with no transformations the geometry in the block still has the correct size, but the text is now roughly 10x too large.

What is happening?

a.3dm (342.4 KB)

Rhino Version: 6.34.21034.7001

Hello - so far tour file inserted here looks like this:

Have you tried inserting into a new file started from one of the default templates?


Hm, you are right, if I place it in a new file, it looks right.

Wait, if the default annotation style is overridden in the file will it take that one, even if the annotation is in a block? Or rather: does some text in a block use the annotation style in the block file or in the file it is placed into?

Hi -
I came across something that sounds like the same issue yesterday and wrote it up as RH-62979.
The annotation style of text in a block is not brought into a new file.