'Text Field' & vaTag integration

Hello, is it (or will it be) possible to integrate Rhino’s existing text field functionality to vaTag?

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Hello @ahmet.unveren,

Which specific features from the Text Field feature would you need in the vaTag?

Hello @alfmelbev,
-Suggested tag features for the ‘host’ object
-wall layer name
-style name (currently not working)
-Suggested tag features for global (va/non-va) objects
-BlockInstanceCount(and vaObjectsCount)

-Suggested tag object ‘text style’ features
-Line format options (I think this is important)

-Text box with multiple lines -to avoid ‘\n’ and improve readability- (like rhino’s)

Thank you,

Hello @ahmet.unveren,

Nice, thank you for your feedback. I have already added all your suggestions to our wishlist.

Take into account you can add custom parameters

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Hi @ahmet.unveren,

We have officially released VisualARQ 2.11.1, which fixes this error you reported. VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.11.1 released

We are still working for future versions in the rest of the features you suggested here.