Text field function to repeat text?

Im often having to repeat the same text on a layout, as in the example of section marker showing A - A on both sides. It would be nice if I could set one text to mirror the other. So if I wrote “A” in one area, the linked text would also show A. Basically like a spreadsheet function =(cell), where “cell” is the referenced original text that is to be mirrored.
Is that a thing yet?

Hi Peter - it is a thing in that if you mirror or copy text with History on, and change the text in the original, the coipies will follow along. Is that it?


No yet. As far as a “text field” style solution this is a little trickier than it looks. Having a text field that references another piece of text is something I want to implement at some point because with a little math support this becomes the beginning of spreadsheet type functionality (which is also what makes it tricky). I your case the referenced text is just a simple set of characters, but I also want to make sure that the referenced text could be another piece of text that contained a text field.

I did make a feature request for this at

Thanks. Looking forward to it!

I dont think so. I think it’s more like what Steve Baer says… exactly like the =(cell) function in a spreadsheet application. Basically shows the same text as the referenced text.