Text bounding box

(Javier) #1

is there away to automatic shrink the text bounding box to the real size after edit control points?
the white lines where after i positioned (drag) the control points of text
the blues after several attempts different control points

(Lowell Walmsley) #2

Do you have Fields in the text?
If you do, then no, the bounding box will be for the field expression text.

(Javier) #3

only in Wip v6 and in text?

if i do zoom extents camera shifts to the right, even if it is not visible bounding box
here is only to visualize what happens but the zoom takes the B.B. into account

(Lowell Walmsley) #4

Does your text in those examples have fields?

I think Leaders and Text are the same. Your first picture was with leaders, right?
There are still some cases when the bounding box doesn’t get invalidated when fields are evaluated.

(Javier) #5

yes they all get the same values from the object user text
the only difference is the rhino version .