Text below dimension line

does anybody know, if it’s possible to paste an additional text under the dimension line? I was used to use it in V5, but didn’t find any solution in V6 :slight_smile:

Thanks, Petr

Is this what you’re looking for?

This works in V6 as well, you can either select the text and do it in the Properties window, or double click it to edit it. You might need to scooch the dividers in the window a bit to see the editing field.

John - not exactly. This option allows me only to put alternate units under the dim line, but I would like to use my own text.

Sam - please, I am obviously missing something, Is there any command or character for putting the text bellow the dim line?

The approach in V5 - make the dimension -> double click the dimension -> click behind the dim symbols -> hit enter -> write a text = finished


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Yes, this was amazing while it lasted in R5…

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Agree, would be amazing if it could come back in v/ :slight_smile:

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Seems like you if you have alternate units turned on you should be able to edit that text/length similar to the way you can edit the text/length above the line. Currently this isn’t an option. It only let you edit the above line text.

oh. I just realized this thread it two years old. Sorry if something is already cooked up. I was testing it in V6.


I started using Rhino 8 instead of other CAD SW apart from 3D modeling. When I started dimensioning the openings (windows), I got lost.

I need a trivial thing (fe. here Add text below dimension line - #2 by pascal) and works imho in every CAD SW, and that:

  • fe. for windows add the height of the opening and the height of the parapet/sill under the dimension line (so it is optional, only for some dimensions, it is standard in middle Europe in building plans)

  • if I press enter, it doesn’t work for me (it used to work long ago as I found it here >

  • if I set “Alternate units below” in Annotation styles I cannot get rid of this “Alternate units” in brackets

  • if I set “Dimension text” from “Above line” to “In line” for whole Annotation style it moves all dimensions, not working for me and the line is interrupted in the middle

  • if I use “Above line” it doesn’t work as I expect (this could be imho the most intuitive solution if I edit it with Enter/new line – as it worked before)

  • One hack is to set annotation style with Dimension text set to “Above” and than locally set it to “In line” fe. for windows, but the line is interrupted and takes a fews seconds to do it.

Is there any way to do it as it worked before, please? It is quite cruicial for me for building plans and I dont wanna install again any other CAD.

Thank you in advance!

after 7 years, when it disappeared from the Dim Properties for whatever reason, you can only script it.

I added: RH-79795 Annotation text below dimension line