Tetrapod-How To?

Hello Forum, we have an interesting project at early concept stage. Tetrapods, large, we will not be casting them in a mould, we will be creating these from natural stone, so 4/5 parts brought together. The question is, what is the best method and workflow to create Tetrapods in Rhino ? tia

Nice project. Maybe you can do these with a few commands like TrucatedCone, after that Rotate with Copy option enabled and finally ArrayPolar with 3 copies

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the 4 axis (red) are defined by a tetraeder (violett)
a tetraeder can be drawn fast inside dice (black)
use _orient3Pt to rotate an move in one go

EDIT - file attached:

tetrapode_tp.3dm (3.9 MB)


thanks for the input Mats, yes I have been playing with truncated cones as a starting point, also had a play with multipipe which I have never had a use for before, it doesn’t give give results. I think one of our challenges will be having this in 5 pieces which come together, and the ‘centre’ section (which the 4 arms will locate too) will be important to get right

Interesting approach Tom, never considered this, do you have the file from the boxes and curves you got the screen grab from ? I’m not sure I understand your method yet, and thanks for chipping in with this method, much appreciated

see my initial post i added the file

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You can also start by using McNeel’s Rhino Polyhedra plugin (from the Package Manager) to create a Tetrahedron and draw the four axes from the centre to the vertices.


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@Tom_P not an approach I’ve had to use before, so really interesting to learn a few new tricks, thanks for the file, cheers :beers:

Hi @jeremy5 oh yes, I had forgotten about this little plugin, I’ll explore, thanks for the input :pray:

This with Grasshopper, the pink shape is repeated in 4 directions

Tetrapod2.gh (19.4 KB)


@anon39580149 oh Grasshopper, my head spins every time I see a Grasshopper definition :upside_down_face: , I have no experience with GH :face_with_spiral_eyes:, but I will have a play with your file and see what results I can get, many thanks for sharing the file :+1: