Testmoocow is broken in Rhino 6

I noticed that the Testmoocow command is broken in Rhino 6. Bummer… That’s really bad.
I’m using it all the time for presentations. Actually I wonder why it’s not a regular command anyway…

gr, Tobias

Hi Tobias - it is indeed broken and is on the pile to be made real in 7. The breakage shows up, at least this is what I see, when the viewports are not the same size- I realize you most likely want them to be different, for presentations, but in case it helps, here is a python that will force one viewport to match the size of another. (just matching aspect ratio is not enough - I tried it…)

MatchVPSize.py (801 Bytes)


V7…??? Over 5 years? OMG… means Rhino 5 will remain my standard Rhino for all my work and v6 for some special things… too bad

Btw, it doesn’t even work with the same size, but apart from that it’s never the same size so it’s just not there in v6.
Edit: it does work with the same size

Sorry to say that but I’m starting to really regret the update

Sorry for the rant. But I’m disappointed by V6 so many times…

I use the command on a daily basis, it works great with same-sized viewports for (look)dev.

Pascal mentioned that it was slated to be turned into a real command in V7; that doesn’t mean we can’t fix the test command in V6. I just pushed a fix for this command that will hopefully get it to work again for you. This fix will be in the first 6.7 release candidate that will probably be available on Tuesday.


Oh whow, that’s great news! And indeed I didn’t read it right.

Maybe I should just relax a little and just post what I’m missing. You guys still listening as much as possible to the users.

Gr Tobias

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Woohoo - works!


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While on the subject… I have 2 wishes for this very useful command:

  • ObjectDisplayModes are assigned per viewport. It vwould be great if display modes for objects would be copied to the linked viewport as well

  • My second wish might be a little harder… I wish the mouse cursor would be synchronized with the linked viewport. Like this you can point on things using the mouse. I often have the linked viewport on a projector behind me when giving a presentation facing the audience. If I want to point on something I have to turn and move the cursor to the viewport on the projector. It would be just too cool if I could control it from the viewport on my laptop.

So far my wishes for moocow.

And please don’t change the command name. It’s just too funny.
Try to find the button :slight_smile:


gr, Tobias

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Hi Steve, the command is indeed fixed in the 6.7 RC. Thanks a lot for that!
I noticed that controlling view B (secondary) from view A (primary) is smooth and fast. The other way around, controlling view A from B is stuttering and slow.

I thought I just mention it… for now it’s no big deal coz usually view B will be on the projector.

thanks Tobias