Testing the tipping point of a marble table with Kangaroo

Hi Daniel and Kangaroo wizards out there,
I’ve been working on a simple project and thought I could use Kangaroo to do some stability tests.
I’m probably overlooking some settings or using the wrong components because what I’ve set up so far is completely unpredictable.

I just want to apply a force on the edge (green point) of the table to determine the tipping point ratio.
As I increase the force I end up with this situation that doesn’t make sense:

I’m hoping to get a bit of guidance.
LobbyTables_BalanceTest.gh (42.2 KB)

Alternatively to using kangaroo am I right to assume that if I draw a straight line between the center of mass (red point) and the point where I apply a force (green point), I would be shifting the balance point along the line with the same ratio as the object weight/force applied?
so when the balance point, on plan, moves beyond the base area, that would be the tipping point.
Probably a structural engineering question at this stage.

I think you could reference to something like this

I would compare the forces and torques in the system, sum of forces must be zero, sum of torques must be zero, the ground is a support

I guess the amount of “shape” on the right of the vertical axis along P is to be considered Counterweight C, as it helps F to flip the table

maybe something like:
Sum of all torques = 0, so:
W * Distance_W = C * Distance_C + F * Distance_F
in such a way that
F = (W * Distance_W - C * Distance_C) / Distance_F

this leads me to think that as soon as the object moves a tiny bit, because of its shape, C increases by the green area and W decreases by the same amount, so actually now you might need less F to keep flipping it in this new configuration, but I just had many gintonics so not sure what I’m talking about .___. I also edited this post like 2000 times lol

[edit number 2051: I’m really not an engineer, so take all this with a big pinch of salt… (and some lime and tequila)]


This was very helpful. I’m not concerned about what happens after it tips. I’m satisfied by knowing the point where it loses equilibrium.
This is what I put together.
LobbyTables_BalanceTest.gh (37.7 KB)