Tapered extrusions non planar curves

Hello everybody,

As far as I know, this issue happens also when modelling in rhino, I was wondering if grasshopper had a solution to it.
I basically have to create a tapered extrusion with Pufferfish from a non planar curve, that’s fine, however the resulting surface gets split up from intersections and parts not matching up (see image).
Now, is there a better way to perform the tapered extrusion or to fix the surface resulting from it in Grasshopper? Thank you

internalised param.gh (26.2 KB)

It seems your curve parameter was not internalized properly.

I’m new to grasshopper. Excuse my ignorance but what does that mean?

See No.3

Sorry about that!

internalised param.gh (26.2 KB)

See the description of the P input of ExtrTaper. Your projected curves are not planar.

I am aware of that… as I said the command does the same in Rhino. I am wondering if there is a work around to fix it. Currently I am trying to offset the curve and traslating it along Z to then sweep2 but it is not the optimal of choices.
Also, My curves cannot be planar that is just a feature of the design unfortunately.

I’m not sure but here we have an alternative approach using Surface Morph.
internalised param_re.gh (39.3 KB)

Thanks for the help. I opened the file but the X and Y seem to be inverted (see picture)

I managed to fix it. You sir are a legend though thank you so much. I will follow up if anything else goes wrong.