Tangle.. twist.. pretzel shape modeling with grasshopper?


Is there any method I can create that kinds of twisted pipe shape?
I’ve tried with mesh+ plug-in, basic grasshopper funtion (interpolate crv, approximate 3D etc…) but they weren’t exactly what I wanted to make.

The important thing is that it should appear randomly twisted up.
I want the kind of pipes to look tangled, and it doesn’t make sense to model them one by one in Rhino7…
The way I did it wasn’t bad either… but If you have better ideas, I’d like to know!!

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hey Sio! I want to bump this post up since I’m also looking for a solution to this problem. The second obstacle (first one being to generate the pipes) is the self-intersection that result in invalid geometry.

You results look really good too! Could you please share some insights into how it works? It seems to have pipe-like parts but also goo-ey parts that add to the organic look.

Thanks a lot!

curves V0.gh (17.5 KB)

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