TAG order going wrong HELP

Hello dear all. its been a long time since I have log in. I am having a problem and I wish you can help me. I trying to give a tag number to each of the points that I have created. but the TAG displays in a weird order. I guess that its the order in what the points were created.
its there a way to reset this inside grasshopper and give a more continues order. I am attaching examples.
thanks guys.

Hawaii_Brep_Polyline Attractor throu Grid.gh (74.0 KB)

question forum.3dm (1.2 MB)

Dead easy if you use sort curves along curve component from tt toolbox plugin
Hawaii_Brep_Polyline Attractor throu Grid_tt_toolbar.gh (72.7 KB)

Hawaii_Brep_Polyline Attractor throu Grid_re.gh (75.3 KB)

See attached, this method works if starting grid is “correct”, otherwise some point could be rounded out-of-line.