I need some assistance reordering a grid of frames

I’ve been having fun with Kuka’s plugin for Grasshopper. I’ve generating a grid of frames for a bit to follow that are normal to the surface of the Brep. However, the points are structured in a way that doesn’t yield an efficient path for the bit to follow (it tracks across the Brep, then resets by starting over on the same side it started). I would like for the bit to take more of a snake-like path, so when it gets to the other end, it simply moves forward to pickup the next line of frames and begins to track back to the starting side.

2018.09.25_mcneel_forum_re.gh (36.9 KB)

Maybe there’s a better way… but for now:

2018.09.25_mcneel_forum_re_re.gh (40.6 KB)

Thank you!

If you have the time, can you please explain this operation you used?

I split (using dispatch)* your tree using a pattern (0 - 1 / to get the alternating rows) and retrieved those branches (using tree branch) from the plane component. Then I simply reversed the order on one of them (on the tree branch output) & merged them back together.

*well, technically I split the list param viewer provided which I used to call your branches. I guess you could use split tree