Table from User Attribute Text


I might be reapeating a question, but I couldn’t find anything here…

I am assiging some User Attributes to objects and I would like to get a table with these atributes for a set of objects…

Is there a way to do this?


Yes. File Save As choose file output CSV there are couple of settings and export…

Thank you!!!

It was so easy…

It’s a pity that it doesn’t have an option to group by objects.
I have Named Groups of objects and in the table I get the long list of all the geometry components

Hi - for CSV output, for now, you could perhaps add an extra user attribute with the name of the group?
I’ve added a feature request to add the group name to the list of object information - RH-56564.

i think rhino 6 is halfway where it needs to be in managing attributes. there should be more features when managing geometric database in next releases.

managing blocks in grasshopper is almost impossible + keys and values could have special options (in rhino) with formulas and drop down menus from already assigned values etc etc etc

try to use elefront plugin in grasshopper to add group name to children object attributes so you can then post-process it database like in excel

I guess I’ll be perfect in Rhino 12 then…

… unless, of course, these requests are detailed and exemplified. If not, it’ll be Rhino 20. :sunglasses:

I can write some more detailed proposals. Right now i am dealing with turning rhino into BIM capable i am bit struggling with some things but few workarounds will do what i need for now. I am saying halfway there because there are certain limitations how to manage classifications, quantity take offs etc.

I like the flexibity Rhino offers with grasshopper. I am big fan but i am realistic that it cannot be perfect in every way but i think every software needs to be subject to progress even rhino so dont take it as criticism just motivation for further developement because it makes sense to shoot for perfection :slight_smile:

We need all the input we can get to progress in the right direction, so I am looking forward to your more detailed proposals! We have added a lot when it comes to user attributes in the Rhino 7 WIP so it would make sense to angle suggestions based on experience with the latest versions.

OK when i have time i will write down my thoughts.

My point is that rhino is so flexible, versatile, cheap yet robust.

For bridges it is much more usable than for example revit which is predefined and cumbersome with families etc.
I like freedom in shape and order in attributes in further stages of development :slight_smile:

Should i send it then to you in personal message?

Hi Juan - you can post your suggestions and requests either here or in a personal message.

RH-56564 is fixed in the latest WIP

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