System.Memory.dll issue


A few months ago a problem appeared in MSBuild which broke several projects based on System.Memory.dll, 4.5.4.

Today I noticed that I can’t update my Rhino plugins.
I have tried many methods to force link to library System.Memory.dll, 4.5.5 in my directory.
It didn’t work despite an updated MSBuild.

Following the indications of Rainersigwald (the maintainer of MSBuild) and before sending this message to confirm this problem,
I temporarily replaced C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\System\System.Memory.dll with the newer version.
My plugins worked fine.

The compilation can therefore be broken if our program or a referenced library uses the recent version of System.Memory.dll

Do you think it would be possible in a future update to upgrade to “System.Memory” version 4.5.5?


@stevebaer, can you chime in here?

We’ll need to figure out where this is used in Rhino first and then we can make a decision to see what can be done.


I asked myself the same question to know if I could leave the recent version in ‘C:\Program Files’.
But I didn’t really have confidence.
I opened everything ILSpy could open from the C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\System directory.
I couldn’t find any direct reference to the library other than System.Resources.Extensions.dll, also in Rhino’s directory.
The only indirect references I’ve found are from netstandard referenced by Eto’s libraries.

I didn’t search that referred to System.Resources.Extensions.dll.
I also haven’t looked in C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\Plug-ins and Grasshopper.


@curtisw is this something we can update?