Swiftlet - How do I create an array of strings?

I’m trying to do an API call to airtable and reduce the number of fields returned. There is a fields parameter that requires an “array of strings”. I’ve tried various different formats (x,y,z), [x,y,z] etc and using the convert to Jvalue object but can’t seem to get it to work.

How do I properly format an array of strings for the parameter object?

Is this a plugin, c# or python?
In c# case, you can import a list of strings and via “using System.Linq” cast them as array like:

Hard to tell without seeing any part of the code.

PS your email + api key are visible…

Thanks for the heads up. Will regenerate the token and get rid of the image. This is a plugin, so I would need to work with the modules they provided. The output needs to feed into the plugin’s module for making a get or post request.

The other option is to write a custom code block to structure my API call and make that request. I would like to avoid that since the plugin seems to work well except for the array of strings