Sweeps in GH Vs Rhino (single surface vs. poly)

So I have a nice tidy rail polycurve.

When I sweep it in Rhino the result is an equally tidy polysurface.

When I sweep it in GH the result is a gnarly single surface.

Should I take this to mean that if I want a clean polysurface I needs to explode the path, and orient the section curve on each segment, sweep them individually, then join?

Or is there a component eluding me that will do this.

Hi Ryan -

Crease splitting options aren’t exposed in out-of-the-box Grasshopper components, so, yes, you will have to run the operation on the individual segments.

OK Thanks Wim.

I am struggling with orientation.

Also struggling to find an example definition… Maybe I don’t know what I’m supposed to search for.