Sweep1 Shadow Error - Rhino for Mac

I’ve had this problem for the last couple of years and always thought it was just a graphical error but I tried to get something 3d printed and the geometry was unusable and had to be remodelled by someone else. I thought maybe it was just a Rhino Mac thing but I don’t think anyone else in my office is having this problem.

Simple 1 rail sweeps create these strange shadowed areas which carry over into other softwares so it isn’t just graphical.

sweep1 shadow error.3dm (1.9 MB)



The arc of your profile curve is bad. It has stacked cv at both ends. Rebuild it and it will sweep as a proper polysurface. Also make sure your profiles are planar.

Ah thanks that worked when I redrew the profile. I think it’s down to me always using stock profiles I have rather than redrawing over them which is obviously very silly of me.

Will update if I see it again on new curves.