Sweep1 profile perpendicular to surface

Hi all,

I want to use sweep1, where the profile curve always remains perpendicular to the surface. This to make a nice rectangular groove. To illustrate what I want to do see the figure below:

The red profile should go over the red rail and remain perpendicular to the blue curved surface. Is there any way of doing this?


Hi @jeroenvancraen12
Without seeing actual geometry (always attach a file when possible - it makes helping so much easier than a screen grab, which gives no sense of depth, complexity, orientation etc.) my guess would be that you are looking for ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv
HTH, Jakob

Hello - only ‘indirectly’ - if you make a temporary surface from the path curve with the Fin command (Surface menu > Extrude curve > Normal to surface) or temporarily split that curved face with the path curve, the path curve can be a surface edge; in that case, use the ‘Align with surface’ setting in Sweep1. I do not know how this will behave with the shape curve not touching the rail, but, worth a try.


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I was going to suggest something like Pascal’s approach - maybe:

  • Offset the ‘blue curved surface’ some arbitrary distance (doesn’t matter that much)
  • Pull the red curve to that surface (keep original)
  • Sweep2 (rail) the profile using the original red curve plus the pulled curve as rails
  • Delete the offset surface and the pulled curve

ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv does not take the normals of the plane on which the curve is lying into account does it?

ExtrudeAlongCrv (as with other Extrude commands) keeps the profile curve in exactly the same orientation as it follows along the curve - so the active CPlane is basically irrelevant.