Extrude profile along curve

Hi All,

Is there a simple way to extrude a certain profile along a curve? I know Sweep1 is supposed to do the job (found this on the forum), but I first have to orient the profile correctly along the curve, and then I need to make sure that it’s exactly at the end of the curve otherwise it will only start from the position of the profile. And then It always ask me to indicate the ‘seam’, which I don’t really understand (but also doesn’t seem to have any effect whatever I click).

Is there no easier way to extrude a planar profile concentric, always perpendicular along a curve?


I found the OrientOnCrv function to orient the profile correctly, but I just can’t get it to orient it correctly :stuck_out_tongue: It is never perpendicular even though my curve is perfectly planar, so It shouldn’t be so hard to understand in what direction I want the profile to be. Still I’ve been struggling with it for more than 2 hours, any help much appreciated!

It would help readers to understand your question if you would post your model and a screenshot.

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So quite simple (now it’s just a circle but I would also like to be able to have a square): Extrude this red profile along the black curve.


The profile must be selected from one of the main views

What do you mean ‘one of the main views’? I selected it from one of the 4 standard views.

Hello - the plane in which the curve to be oriented is selected is the base plane for the Perpendicular option in OrientOnCrv, not the curve plane. In your image, if you select the circle in that viewport and set the basepoint, then the Perpendicular option should orient the curve so that the plane of the circle is perp to the target curve.


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select the profile from the view where it was created, if you need it perpendicular to the curve

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Okay the perpendicular option in the orient on curve function did the trick (although for some reason it places the profile perpendicular at some distance from where I click on the curve).

To perform the sweep1 function it asks me to ‘drag the seam point to adjust’ is this just the point where my circular profile has its start and ending?

I would like the profile to be extruded for the whole curve and not just starting from where I put it on the curve, is there any way of doing this?

Hi Jeroen -

You need to make sure that you snap to the end of the rail curve when you place the section curve on the rail curve.

That’s correct, yes. That is important if you have several profile curves that you need to line up.

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Thanks Wim, I completely understand it know. I just may not forget to click the ‘perpendicular’ option and to snap it to the end. Your help is very much appreciated!