Sweep 2 function

I’m trying to make a curved surface using the sweep2 tool as I do in Rhino, all tutorials I can find show that it works the same but when I use the command in grasshopper I get a strange result.

Could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Or how to alternatively make this shape. In the image here I show the surface I desire created in rhino and the strange surfaces generated by the command in grasshopper.


sweep 2.gh (1.7 KB)

can you share rhino file
i think you did something wrong

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sweep 2 grasshopper.3dm (155.3 KB)

Thanks for the reply!

Here is the grasshopper file!

you need to flip the direction of the curves ; than you use sweep 1 or 2

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Thank you very much!!

I’ve often needed this function and now I finally know it.