Surface split with curves

Hello, I’m trying to split the surface of an ellipsoid with some curves, but it doesn’t work. It seems that Grasshopper continues to consider the whole surface.


I succeed in splitting the surface but the node “diagrid” still pick the whole surface, not the chosen one.

It is really important you understand what a trimmed surface is. Most surface components evaluate the underlying nurbs surface, not trimmed surfaces, because trimmed surfaces are not actually trimmed (Rhino hides away the parts you trim, that is why you are also able to untrim). It is up to you to decide how to cut your diagrid with the trim data.

Sorry, I’ll explain better what I need to do. I have to create the diagrid for a building with elliptical form but the curvilinear coordinate V of the diagrid have to coincide with the cartesian coordinate Z of the building floor. So I thought to split the surface with the floor and put the diagrid on the splitted sufaces with a curvilinear coordinate V=2 but, as you said, it’s not possible. What do you suggest? (27.4 KB)

One way is to turn your trimmed surfaces into untrimmed surfaces…
Canvas at 20;34;59 (25.5 KB)

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Thank u :pray: