Surface Split does not work

Hello Guys,

I’m having a hard time on this.
I usually use Surface Morph to “develop” a module on a 3D surface and it simply works fine.
In this case I need to adjust mesh in order to be 3-axis machined (and so with no undercuts, in this case all the vertical surfaces are straight extruded), so I’ve tried with this method: curves on the bottom from the previous Surface Morph, projected curves on the offsetted surface… and then connect them with a Loft.

Unfortunately the Surface Split on the offsetted surface doesn’t work (and it happens all the time, with different modules and different surfaces). I’ve also tried to split the surface with an extrusion from the bottom or pull and project the curves… nothing…

Can you help me?

In addition: is there a smartest method instead adding all this stuff?

Thank you All (44.6 KB)

I’m not using Parakeet, however I think all you need to do is flatten the Curves input on your ‘It doesn’t work’ component :slight_smile:

Instead of adding multiple outputs to the List item component you can extract a sublist. (56.0 KB)


Exactly what @martinsiegrist said.

In addition, an alternative to provide “good” curves would be to join your breps and extract only the naked edges, so you don’t have to remove the overlapping curves, and you can provide the component closed curves. It doesn’t seem to affect speed or success, though, but it helps understanding what the script does in my opinion. (48.0 KB)

I strongly recommend turning on the fancy wires, to help detect those trees/lists/items issues.


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Here’s another approach… (46.7 KB)


Thank you All!
Your suggestions work… and are really precious too.


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