Surface over my model

See attached File.
Surface over my model. And mirrored too.
I can not get rid of it? I do not know where it came from. I have deleted all my other layers
and still with just one layer left I can see the surface. It looks like a clipping plane.
I have seen some issues with this here at the forum. What should I do? Why is it there?

Hello- please try SelBadObjects - does the extra object highlight? Feel free to post the file.


Hello Pascal! Thanks for quick reply. Here Screenshot after SelBadobjects.
The extra objects are without highlight and there is highlight at parts of the model.

I also mention this, when moving the model in any direction the
surfaces keep the position relative to the model.

Another thing is that they are still visable (and disturbs the scene) when exporting to Keyshot. But when making the “exportwindow” inside the surfaces still covering the model, they are not seen inside keyshot anymore. My guess is the surfaces began to apprear after an operation considering extruding a text Using extrude along curve = (imported illustrator vector Ai file) and I created a plane cutting (trimming) the extruded part using one help line for the length of the extrution. But everything of this layer is now deleted and for some reason remains or connection to these surfaces are still visable.

Hello - can you please post the file or send it to to my attention?



Thanks pascal
You got mail…

As you suspected, it was a bad surface with a leaking render mesh.